#016 Ft. Mads Grummet: CEO of GirledWorld & STEM Advocate For Women

Our next guest is Mads Grummet, CEO of GirledWorld, an organisation that’s ewpowered more than 20,000 high-school girls lifting their aspirations towards careers in STEM. A passionate advocate for equality, Mads is the mother of 4-teenage girls herself & in this episode we cover everything from life as an early stage founder, changing careers & starting studying again, what it’s like to grow a business & how she thinks about leadership in the 21st century.  

For this episode, a big thank you (& huge love) to MYOB for providing us with a beautiful recording studio! Enjoy this episode & as always, let us know what you got out of it.

#LifeIsJustABunchOfTuesdays … Don’t worry. That hashtag will make sense once you listen to the episode. Enjoy!

Top Quotes:

·      “If I feel like something intrinsically is not sitting with me then I need to act.”

·      “[For teenage girls] It’s really difficult to know where to find role models.”

·      “Don’t accept systems as they are & don’t take status quo as the way things should be.”

·      “I don’t need to ask for permission.”

·      “How we spend our days is how we spend our lives.”

Note: Mads put a call out on social-media for teenage girls to share their stories about social media & received thousands of responses from around the world for the campaign, You Are Not Your Face. Keep an eye out for this book when it is released!


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