Our vision is of an Australia, where all university student leaders are empowered to understand themselves as leaders, to lead effective teams with emotional intelligence & use entrepreneurial know-how to deliver the most-valuable products & services to their student communities.


Our mission is to connect & develop Australia’s most influential leaders with a 3-way approach:

  1. By facilitating & delivering the highest-quality available professional development workshops, training days & programs that link all new skills & mindsets to both on-campus activity as well as future employability;

  2. By creating virtuous peer-to-peer mentoring & support cross-faculty networks inter/intra-university;

  3. Learning from the world’s top leaders & creating content through audio (podcast), video & written that is freely available & empowers leaders to not only help themselves, but also help others.


  1. Leadership Is Service

  2. Add Value First

  3. Challenge Everything

  4. Continual Growth

  5. Do What Works

  6. Empower Leaders To Create Change

  7. Seek Diverse Views

  8. Give More Than We Take