How do we build leaders?

We believe that everyone has the potential to grow & contribute.

We believe that everyone can develop skills & mindsets that leaders & entrepreneurs foster to benefit their careers, their relationships, their financial situation & their physical/mental/emotional health.

We believe that everyone who invests in their own development, repays several times that investment to others.

If you would like to run a training day, where student leaders learn through immersion in a longer format, most appropriate for clubs, unions and teams, please visit our Training Days page here.

What workshops do we offer for all students?

Did you know that Emotional Intelligence is rated
more than twice as highly by graduate employers as academic achievement?

[Determined by being ranked as ‘Assessed, and very important’ category of the AAGE 2018 Annual Report]

As such, all of our workshops are related to developing one of the five fundamental elements of emotional intelligence based on the work of Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence & writer at the Harvard Business School Press.

Each of the 17 sub-headings below are individual 90-minute workshops for students:

  1. Self-Awareness

    1. Ikigai: Using the framework of Ikigai, students learn about their strengths, values, ambitions & what they love to do.

    2. Belief Mapping: Deconstructing beliefs & self-imposed limitations to identify areas for emotional growth.

  2. Self-Regulation

    1. Emotional-Regulation: Showing participants how emotions are generated & how they drive our behaviour. We teach principles to change what emotional messages mean & how to take ownership for regulating our emotions personally & within teams.

    2. Time-Management: Break down the 24-hours in the day to show students opportunities they have & help them schedule in high-priority, low-urgency goals.

    3. Energy-Management: Apply emotional intelligence & self-care through managing energy & identifying sources of energy. Studies supporting this work show 68% better relationships with customers & 71% increased productivity.

    4. Growth Mindset: Distinguish between a fixed & growth mindset. Explore the origins of beliefs & how to change them.

  3. Motivation

    1. Team Development & Understanding the 6-Needs: Develop an understanding of what motivates people & identify your personal motivating drivers as well as those of your team-members.

    2. Goal-setting: Identify what to aim at, guided by their personal values & beliefs, & what is standing in their way. Create S.M.A.R.T. goals & set an action plan.

    3. Lean Startup Methodology: Test, validate & improve human-centred design ideas.

  4. Empathy

    1. Empathy Mapping: Conduct more emotionally intelligent conversations through seeking to understand the emotions & contextual elements that lie beneath the surface of an individuals problems &/or goals.

    2. 12-Types of Empathy: Identify 12 different aspects of empathy & how to apply them in your life.

  5. People Skills

    1. Communication Skills: Develop story-telling skills through our 3-stage structure that utilizes the why-how-what approach.

    2. Personal Branding: Learn to create 8-types of content for LinkedIn & identifying your unique selling proposition.

    3. Giving Effective Presentations: Deliver engaging & effective presentations in 5-stages.

    4. Teaching & Questioning Skills: How to embody & utilize different archetypes in education including the ‘teacher,’ the ‘questioner’ & the ‘coach’ along with questioning skills to help the audience through the educational journey.

    5. Make an Impression & Sell Your Skills: Change their physiology to a ‘high-power’ state, communicate their strengths to potential employers & build enduring relationships.

    6. Navigating Difficult Conversations: 3-part conversation structure to turn destructive conversations & interactions into effective, win-win conversations focussed on learning.

How do our workshops benefit students?

To hear what students have said, visit our Testimonials page.

We focus on developing the top skills/mindsets that are desired by employers for graduates including:

  • Teamwork

  • Leadership

  • Interpersonal & Communication Skills

  • Motivation & Self-Management

  • Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills

  • Analytical Skills

  • Planning & Organization

  • Time Management

  • Resilience & Dealing with Ambiguity

Here are just a sample of the top benefits that students got out of our 90-minute, 2-hour & 4-hour workshops:

“It helps me understand what a good leader is, and motivates and inspires me to become one.”
- University of South Pacific Student

“Such an eye- opening session, learning about myself as well as helping others. This will be a pivotal point in my career for sure.”
- University of Melbourne Student

“…the amount of time free in your week can translate to time given to achieving your personal goals.”
- RMIT University Student