#015 Ft. Tony Nash: Building a $113m Business (FY18 Revenue), Leading With Empowerment & How To Grieve

Our next guest is Tony Nash, CEO of the 100% Australian owned company Booktopia. Tony went into business with a budget of just $10 per day. After their first year in business, Booktopia was selling more than $100,000 worth of stock per month, and now, more than 14-years later, employs 200+ people, sells a book every 6.1 seconds & in the last financial year achieved an annual revenue in excess of $110 million.

On this episode of The Campus Experience, Tony & I will be talking about how his role as a leader has developed from bootstrapping entrepreneur to building a company that placed on the Australian Financial Review’s Fast 100 list 8 years in a row (the first & only company in Australian history to do so).

Enjoy this conversion with the incredibly wise, Tony Nash!

Top Quotes

  • “I wanted to see the world before I started working.”

  • “If you can ask good questions, then the quality of your life is impacted.”

  • “If you want to slow down, just look to your left or your right & see where your competitors are. But if you want to go as fast as you can just look straight down your lane at a point at the very end & focus on that.”  

  • “My style is empowering people, giving them the space to go after the goals they’ve set themselves.”

  • “Things come out of left field. You’ve got to expect the unexpected.”

  • “I had 200 LinkedIn messages [after the Success Resources talk] & I got back to everyone.”

  • “We all have our light[sic] & our dark.”

  • “I’ve done, probably, 500 days of professional development workshops [over 15-years].”

  • “I was going on the downer [of the roller-coaster] with the handbrake full on. I eventually got there very slowly, but I had no momentum to go up the other side!”

Tony’s Top Book Recommendations:

Richard Bach’s book: Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Kahlil Gibran’s book: The Prophet

Kenneth Blanchard’s book(s): The One Minute Manager Series

Paulo Coelho’s book: The Alchemist

Brené Brown’s book: Braving The Wilderness


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