Training Club & Society Leaders

Research from Long, Ferrier & Heagney (2006) identifies 6-strategies to improve retention at Australian universities (where student dropout is a $1.2b+ problem annually {ABS}). One of the six strategies is:

“Assurance that no students feel isolated or lonely by providing a responsive social environment… the support of campus-based clubs and societies.”

Club & Society Leaders Are Facing A Challenge:

Imagine starting a new job. You're leading a team, managing a budget and have a suite of stakeholders with different expectations. Unfortunately, this is your first role so you don’t have any experience. You've also received no business training, no training in leadership, no training in stakeholder management & no training in financial management.

Would you be able to perform at your best?

This is the case for many student leaders across Australia who lead student groups.

With over 3800 student clubs and societies across Australia with hundreds of thousands of students are engaged every year with these student-lead groups.

These clubs & societies keep students engaged & enrolled at university, at enormous financial return to universities.

Our Research:

After speaking to hundreds of club leaders (present & former) from universities across Australia, we identified that most students were not receiving training & were suffering from the stress of leading communities of hundreds to thousands of students.

This was further supported by research showing that of the top-7 reasons students drop out (which more than 50,000 students do annually) of university is, “[not] develop(ing) a social network at university.“ (Wilson & Lizzio, 2008)

How does Campus Consultancy help?

We support student leaders by providing the highest level of professional development to prepare & empower them for their leadership role, as well as providing extensive support networks for peers to collaborate cross-faculty & cross-university around Australia.

You can read our full Vision | Mission | Values here.

We do this in several ways outlined below.

#1 Entrepreneurial Leadership Program

Throughout our challenging full-day Entrepreneurial Leadership Program, 6 essential professional development modules are delivered to address the most common problems that student leaders face, providing them with strategies to immediately serve their community/stakeholders more effectively while developing their team and unleashing the potential of the entire community.

We have presented training programs for:

✔ Australian National University Student Association (ACT): March, 2018
✔ Macquarie University (NSW): July, 2018
✔ University of Melbourne, Melbourne Business School (VIC): July, 2018
✔ La Trobe University Student Union (VIC): August, 2018
✔ University of South Pacific (Fiji): August, 2018
✔ UNSW, Faculty of Engineering (NSW): September, 2018
✔ University of Melbourne, Faculty of Engineering (VIC): September, 2018
✔ University of Melbourne, Faculty of Business & Economics (VIC): November, 2018
✔ Swinburne University, Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology (VIC): November, 2018
✔ Flinders University, Student Senate (VIC): November, 2018
✔ Monash University Student Association (VIC): January, 2019
✔ UNSW Faculty of Engineering (NSW): February, 2019
✔ University of Adelaide, Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences): February, 2019
✔ University of Melbourne, Faculty of Engineering (VIC): February-April, 2019
✔ RMIT Student Union - 170 Clubs (VIC): March-April, 2019
✔ La Trobe University (VIC): March, 2019
✔ Federation University (VIC): May, 2019
✔ Charles Darwin University (NT): June, 2019
✔ Griffith University (QLD): July, 2019
✔ University of Canberra (ACT): July, 2019
✔ Southern Cross University (QLD): July, 2019
✔ Murdoch University (WA): August, 2019
✔ Curtin University (WA): August, 2019
✔ Swinburne University (VIC): September, 2019

Further details are available on this page.

#2 Emotional Intelligence Workshops

We offer a suite of workshops designed to increase the employability skills of students as well as their emotional intelligence to help them become leaders that will make the world a better place throughout their careers.

Our workshop options are available on this page.

#3 Extension Leadership Program Design

We offer a suite of 10 workshops that cover, in even more depth, the requirements for any leader to master including crafting a strategy, vision, mission & values; how to manage conflict within a team; marketing & branding; succession planning & handover; and more.

This comes in a 5-week format & is entirely customizable to the needs of the student leaders and/or to assist with challenges/opportunities that staff have identified.

Our workshop options are available on this page.

#4 Mentoring

Having spoken with student leaders who have experience leading over 130,000 combined students it is clear that the need for training is there. More than 300 Presidents joined an online LinkedIn network of leaders, with another 400 student leaders joining a Facebook group with representatives from more than 30 universities to mentor, to share resources & to collaborate.

After our workshops, we offer students the opportunity to engage with peer-to-peer mentoring & facilitate these introductions where possible.

#5 Partnerships & Collaborations

We are committed to providing the most useful resources, connections and opportunities to student leaders who engage with our network. We welcome requests for partnerships & have successfully run presentations, workshops & speeches for the below partners in 2018 alone:

Australian Business Students’ Association
CIC Higher Education
HeForShe Monash University
Melbourne Polytechnic International Students’ Association
Monash University SEED
Victorian International Student Conference
Next Step Forum (Nigeria)


Are you ready to unleash your leaders' full potential?