Student Leaders’ Testimonials

Lewis Pope

Chair, Clubs Council
(ANU Student Association)

"(The training) will supercharge the potential of club leaders (because) it was the perfect mix of motivational and actionable."



Leanne Wang

PresidenT, Banking on Women
(University of Melbourne)

“We implemented a free 2 week period at the start of this semester and we’ve got 400 members this semester, which is more than we usually get in a year. So it’s been a massive success. Thanks so much for the great idea!"

Arfin Muhammad

(University of NEW SOUTH WALES)

I literally had my mind blown. It was like receiving THE handbook for entrepreneurship applied to societies!”


Hui Dong

President, TEDxmonashuniversity

“Josh provided a systematic analysis method for our past activities and future developments. The training does not only strengthen the bond between current members but also allow us to evaluate our new leadership team and additional positions to make us stand out."

Imogen Kroker

COO, Melbourne business School student association
(University of Melbourne)

“Hugely valuable. One of the best sessions ... I've ever done."



Jamie Liew

President, Women in Science & Engineering
(University of MELBOURNE)

“Josh was confident, engaging and well-informed on the topics we covered today… There was so much new material that he tailored to the attendees and our individual clubs."

Vittoria D’Angelo

Preisdent, HeForShe
(MONASH university)

You were definitely influential in the growth and development of the start up of our society."

Eimear Griffin

Student leader
(Australian national university)

“Thanks so much for your inspiring seminar, it truly honed in on skill development that isn’t taught anywhere. I know I’ll be a better club leader after it, I hope you know making this essential across Universities would change the game for campus culture!

Treating the club like a business model and utilising all of your strategies provided us so much clarity on what we need to work on to improve and achieve unprecedented club heights.

The skills you taught were also extremely transferable, even to the internship applications I’m doing right now! I’m looking forward to putting into action everything we discussed and empower youth to create positive change within VGen as well as the ANU Photography Club.”