#008 Ft. Joshua Gore, Raising $20k for Room to Read, UniSA Club President & Young Leader

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Our next guest is Joshua Gore, the President of Bright Futures Society UniSA. Josh & I connected earlier this year when I heard about an ambitious fundraising goal he’d set & how he was bringing students groups together to achieve it. In this episode of The Campus Experience, we talk about Josh’s experience with multiple not-for-profit including Oxfam, AIME & what he’s working on with the Bright Futures Society UniSA. We go really deep into our aligned philosophies on motivating young people to give back by utilizing business acumen & honest self-reflection on one’s own goals & needs. 

Can you help out with a $20,000 fundraiser in Adelaide? Connect with Joshua viawww.linkedin.com/in/joshua-gore/ 

Top quotes from this episode:

“I think there are 2 types of inspired, there’s an inspired that makes you feel good but doesn’t provide any pragmatic detail & then there was this sort of inspired where immediately afterward you pull out a notepad & start writing down how you’re going to change the world.”

“It’s about giving something before you take it.”

“Just because it’s good for the world doesn’t mean it automatically gets a free pass in the proposal stage.”

“You can’t be everything for everyone.”

“If I had a team of 15 people, I’d rather listen to 14 other brains.”

“Coupling that selfless communal, ‘I want to help other people sense,’ with a carrot for yourself, can really drive you to do more for the community.”

“You can be successful individually, you achieve what you want to in life, while [contributing] that benefit to society.”


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Bright Futures Society UniSA

2019 Victorian Rotary Youth Forum

“More than 70% of people will pay more for sustainable products,” source: www.inc.com/melanie-curtin/73-percent-of-millennials-are-willing-to-spend-more-money-on-this-1-type-of-product.html 

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