#007 Ft. Ho Jun Tang #1 Club at UNSW in 2018, President of UNSW Accounting Society

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Our next guest, is Ho Jun Tang who is currently the President of the UNSW Accounting Society which won Constituent Club of the Year in 2018 out of ~300 clubs at UNSW. Have a look at some of the achievements from the UNSW Accounting Society in 2018:

• Executed an O-week strategy that increased signups by 250% with over 600 new sign ups
• They ran 19 Professional and Educational Events, with over 1220+ attendees in total (average of 64 attendees each event)
• Established UNSW Accounting Society Alumni Network
• Increased in sponsorship by 50%
• Increased email subscribers by over 2,000 (from 1,983 to 4,329)
• Trained over 100 Directors, Subcommittee and Mentors

In this episode of the podcast, we talk about Ho Jun’s various university club leadership roles, and get super tactical into how he lead the UNSW Accounting Society to achieve so much in 2018. 

Top quotes from this episode!

• “…A really good selling point for a society to have when pitching to sponsors is to have an avenue to give out these brands & merchandise that can really spread their awareness.”

• “A tiered freebee system, for 1 sign up you could get a pen, for 1 sign up & sharing our snapchat geo-filter you could get a better prize such as a (water) bottle… You also go in the running to win a free textbook.”

• “An executive role is a front-loaded position.”

• “It’s a volunteer role, so it’s quite easy for students to put societies on the backburner once they’ve got the position. They might be looking at jobs, their marks… that’s why building a rapport is important & really connecting & demonstrating the over-all vision & how their role connects with the vision. “

• “Why would a firm give money to a student society? It was really about brand-awareness, student engagement, mentoring & events.”

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