Entrepreneurial Leadership Program

Empowering student club & society leaders with skills for their current role, their future career & the mindset to serve all students.

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Booking Details:

  • If you are a Faculty Representative/Staff, Student Engagement Manager or represent a student union/guild/association, please contact josh@campusconsultancy.org for further details about how we can meet the needs of your leaders.

Date & Location:

  • The training can be delivered at the date/location of your choosing, pending availability

Training Day Objectives:

By the end of this training day, students will be able to:

  1. Identify the needs of their members to create valuable products/services;

  2. Develop effective partnerships and engage stakeholders;

  3. Develop a cohesive and highly impactful team;

  4. Achieve growth in key-performance areas such as student memberships and event attendance;

  5. Build a personal brand and professional connections based around their role in student leadership.

We are trusted by universities across Australia & have run this training day for:

Australian National University Student Association (ACT): March, 2018
Macquarie University Faculty of Engineering (NSW): July, 2018
University of Melbourne Business School Student Association (VIC): July, 2018
La Trobe University Student Union (VIC): August, 2018
University of South Pacific Student Association (Fiji): August, 2018
UNSW Faculty of Engineering (NSW): September, 2018
University of Melbourne School of Engineering (VIC): September, 2018
University of Melbourne Faculty of Business & Economics (VIC): November, 2018
Monash University Monash Student Association (VIC): January, 2019 + April, 2019
University of Adelaide Faculty of Engineering, Computer & Mathematical Sciences (SA): February, 2019
University of Melbourne School of Engineering (VIC): February, 2019
Council for International Students Australia (International Students): March, 2019
James Cook University Student Association (QLD): March, 2019
Federation University Student Senate (VIC): April, 2019
Southern Queensland University Student Association (QLD): May, 2019
Charles Darwin University Student Association (NT): June, 2019
Griffith University Student Guild (QLD): July, 2019
University of Canberra Life (ACT): July, 2019
Southern Cross University (QLD): July, 2019
James Cook University Student Association (QLD): August, 2019
Curtin University Student Guild (WA): August, 2019

Training Day Outcomes:

This entrepreneurial leadership training day up-skills club and society leaders so that they can:

  • Maximise the value delivered to student members;

    With the focus on benefiting all students, post-training day events with 300-500+ students, breaking the records for the largest run student events at various campuses for those faculties have successfully been executed. New products with a social-enterprise & positive impact focus have been launched with annual sales targets exceeded in a matter of days. New mentoring programs have been established as well as various innovative forms of communicating such as launching new podcasts.

  • Maximise the value delivered to partners and stakeholders;

    Student events with 50+ employers have been successfully conducted following the training day. Sponsorship agreements increasing from $0 the year prior to $8000, $10,000 & $30,000 respectively have been achieved by various clubs. Non-profit & community engagement, such as providing meals for 1500 people was achieved by one club using the newly received funding.

  • Maximise the development of their committee members;

    Committee members have secured internships, part-time work & graduate roles on multiple occasions after attending the training day reporting specific skills developed during the day as contributing to their success in gaining these roles.

  • Maximise the return-on-investment of their own time for their personal and professional development.

    Learning how to share the skills & successes of student leadership experiences, students have taken to platforms such as podcasting & LinkedIn to use our approach, with many securing graduate job offers & increased exposure resulting in mentors & invitations to speak about their experience as a result.

Are you interested in providing this training & opening up these opportunities for impact with your student leaders?