Time Management

What takes time in the whole health process?

  • Finding Recipes / Meal Planning

  • Shopping

  • Preparing food

  • Cooking

  • Eating

  • Cleaning up

  • Exercising 

Good food takes time.

Step 1 - Analyze Your Time

Let’s map out your week!

Answer the questions below & draw them out on a piece of paper that looks like this or download our ready-made template here:

  1. How many hours do you work? e.g. 9am-5pm Monday to Friday

  2. How many hours do you study?

  3. How many hours do you spend exercising?

  4. How many hours do you watch TV?

  5. How many hours do you sleep?

  6. How many hours do you spend traveling?

  7. How many hours do you spend on any other activity? (Include everything)

Step 2 - Make Time

From this exercise, you have identified what a typical week looks like.

You will be able to see visually, when you have spare time.

Alternatively, you might find out that you don’t have a lot of spare time, but you could if you cut out certain activities.

If you don’t have enough time, here are 2-ways to make time:

  • Reduce your TV time

  • Reduce your social-media time (try the iPhone screentime app)

Step 3 - How Much Time?

Should I ‘meal-prep’ or cook Daily?


  • Pros

    • Less time

  • Cons

    • Less variety

Cook Daily

  • Pros

    • More variety

  • Cons

    • More time

An approximate amount of time for each is outlined below:

Cook Daily

  • 1-hour for shopping (twice per week)

  • Breakfast (daily)

    • 30-minutes prep, cooking, eating & cleanup

  • Lunch (daily)

    • 15-minutes for eating (no prep, cooking, cleanup) - these will be readymade

  • Dinner (daily)

    • 90-minutes for prep, cooking, eating & cleanup

Meal-Prep (e.g. on a Sunday)

  • Breakfast (for Monday to Friday) = 1 hour total

  • Dinner + Lunch = 3 hours total

  • + 15-minutes per day for each meal (cleaning etc.)

A NOTE ON exercise time

If you have a really busy week, take 15-minutes to do some form exercise as outlined in our exercise segment. ***Add link***

If you want to prioritise working out, schedule in 30-60 minutes, 4-5 times per week & find some fun & effective routines outlined in our exercise segment. ***Add link***

Step 4 - Take Action

You can do either, or both, throughout this program.

Pick the best one for you & schedule your commitments into the calendar that you downloaded or drew on a piece of paper.

Great work!

Let’s keep going.