#005 Ft. Thenu Herath, College President, World Vision Australia Youth Ambassador & Educator


Thenu graduated as Dux of her high-school before starting a Bachelor of Arts, in Politics & International Studies at the University of Melbourne. Her interests are spread across Education, Equality & Leadership, all of which we’ll cover on this episode of The Campus Experience. As President of her University College, a World Vision Australia Youth Ambassador as well as being heavily involved in education advocacy through Elevate Education & Teach For Australia, Thenu’s varied experience will show any young leader listening that they can achieve truly remarkable things with the right opportunities, commitment & people around you. 

In this episode we discuss how Thenu was influenced from seeing the world from different angles. Spending her first 7-years in New Zealand, before moving to Australia, then spending time in Sri Lanka & India, Thenu was struck by how fortunate she was to receive the quality of education & welfare afforded to her.

We discuss a series of key trips including one to northern India where Thenu met Soni, which she discusses in length in this blog post from World Vision:

Going into leadership roles with World Vision Australia & her residential college, Janet Clarke Hall, Thenu shares the raw challenges of these experiences as well as the thoughts she’s going through in considering her career pathway to make the biggest impact on the world. 

If you want to hear about the highs & the lows of student leadership, how to balance multiple part-time jobs & why advocating for the causes dearest to your heart is the right path, this is the episode for you.

Janet Clarke Hall: jch.unimelb.edu.au/ 
World Vision Australia: www.worldvision.com.au/ 
Elevate Education: au.elevateeducation.com/ 
Teach For Australia: www.teachforaustralia.org/ 

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