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6500+ hours of professional development for student leaders.
We are working for 22 universities including:

Thanks so much for your inspiring seminar, it truly honed in on skill development that isn’t taught anywhere. I know I’ll be a better club leader after it; I hope you know making this essential across Universities would change the game for campus culture!
— Eimear Griffin (ANU Student Leader) & Training Program Attendee

Develop Your Leaders: Run a Training Day On Campus

Monash Student Association Workshop

Monash Student Association Workshop

UNSW Faculty of Engineering Training Day

UNSW Faculty of Engineering Training Day

Our Entrepreneurial Leadership Program teaches young leaders the principles, strategies and mindsets that allow them to be most impactful as a community leader. This includes:

  • Developing valuable products and services for members;

  • Building & motivating a high-performing team;

  • Diversifying a portfolio of partnerships;

  • Increasing membership and event engagement;

  • Executing effective fundraising/volunteering/mentoring;

  • Crafting a personal brand and setting a leadership vision.

Our testimonials and success stories include:

"We implemented a free 2 week period ... & got 400 members this semester, which is more than we usually get in a year. Thanks so much for the great idea!"
- Leanne Wang, President of Banking on Women (University of Melbourne)

“I literally had my mind blown. It was like receiving THE handbook for entrepreneurship applied to societies!”
Secretary, AIAA Rocketry Team (UNSW)

“Josh provided a systematic analysis method for our past activities and future developments. The training does not only strengthen the bond between current members but also allow us to evaluate our new leadership team and additional positions to make us stand out.”
- Hui Dong, President of TEDxMonashUniversity

Looking for workshops to develop students’ leadership & employability in 90-minutes?

Check out our variety of workshops here.

On the 4th of April [2019], I attended Josh Farr’s workshop on Sponsorship and Partnerships... [We have] been able to host TWO iftaar community dinners and feed over 1,500 people. In order to do this we had to raise over $10,000.... Josh, thank you!” *Results attained in less than 50 days
— Merjem Colan, Vice-President of MUIS

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Hear interviews with leaders on the Forbes 30 Under 30, Top 100 Women of Influence, Young Australians of The Year, as well as current/former Club & Society Presidents.

Hear interviews with leaders on the Forbes 30 Under 30, Top 100 Women of Influence, Young Australians of The Year, as well as current/former Club & Society Presidents.

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Philanthropic Partnership with HeForShe Monash University

Representatives from the Campus Consultancy community join students from the HeForShe Monash University club to participate in the annual RUN MELBOURNE, with all funds going to support the United Nations Women Australia.

Partnerships & Collaborations

We teach student leaders how to increase student engagement, build & motivate their teams, collaborate with stakeholders and give back to the wider community. This comes to life through peer-to-peer mentoring, customized workshops and on-campus training days.
— Josh Farr, Founder