How do we make presentations clear & engaging? Here's our 3-step process to apply to your next talk, workshop, presentation or pitch:

1. Tell a story.

Why? By showing vulnerability, humility & a "behind-the-curtains" look at what lead to the point you're about to make, or lesson you're about to teach, you connect first at an emotional level. People say, "I like this person!" <-- that's you! People won't learn from someone they don't like.

2. Bring your audience into the story.

Why? Once they've seen you, you've built some trust. Now you need enrolment. Phrases like, "You know how..." is a great start. People say, "Me too!" not, "Not me!"

3. Make your ask.

Why? Name, measure & call out your audiences current behaviour, current level of knowledge. Ask some probing questions to get this data, & have a plan to pull it together. Then ask them to but their time/energy/finances elsewhere.

For example:

(A) DATA: We ask, "How many hours per week do you study for your academics?" We get 3 answer, maybe 10, maybe 15, maybe 5. "Ok," we say, "That's an average of [quick calculation] 10hrs per week."

(B) EDUCATE: We ask, "Did you know that Emotional Intelligence is rated as more than 2x as highly as academics from graduate employers?" 

(C) CHANGE: We challenge the audience, "If you could design your week, by investing your hours into what will help you achieve your goals, where would you intelligently invest your time to maximize your development?"