Do you have a coach?

We believe in holistic coaching.

Small leaks sink ships.

In the self assessment below, you will identify the Eleven-Elements of your life and where you could improve.

We can then help you:

  1. Understand why you are not 100% fulfilled in each of your Eleven Elements

  2. Challenge the beliefs, values & self-talk that are limiting you

  3. Identify the barriers in your way

  4. Establish specific, measurable, time-bound goals to strive for

  5. Create an actionable plan to reach your goals

  6. Feel supported throughout your journey

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Self-Assessment Survey *
Self-Assessment Survey
For each of the Top Ten Talents below, please rank your response to the following prompt: "This area of my life is thriving. I know my standards. I have set my goals & am achieving them."
1. Career
2. Calendar & Time Management
3. Finances (Earning, Saving, Spending)
4. Mentors, Peers, Mentees
5. Mindset & Emotions
6. Peak Experiences (Adventures, Holidays, etc.)
7. Personal Education & Development
8. Physical Body (Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Hydration)
9. Relationships
10. Spirit & Contribution To Others
11. Environment (living situation, home, suburb, city)

After you submit the form above, a Campus Consultancy Coach will reach out to you to schedule a 30-minute Dial & Debrief call to discuss your results, your goals & to see if we can help you.

This first call comes at no charge and you will be supported with free resources to improve your top focus area after the call.