President #010 - Stephen Tedja

Chapter President of AIYA (Australia-Indonesia Youth Association) Victoria


“I would then go beyond the PD's and get to know each person's skill sets and commitments.”

Insight #1

Build rapport with your team members immediately. E.g. During regular meetings, I would dedicate time to just talk about how everyone is going. Meetings should also be light-hearted with occasional jokes.

Insight #2

Set clear expectations about each role. E.g. I think PD's [Position Descriptions] are useful to guide us in setting expectations. I would then go beyond the PD's and get to know each person's skill sets and commitments and go from there. E.g. A Secretary with strong excel skills may help out treasurer with budgets should treasurer be too busy with other stuff.

Insight #3

Set an achievable goal for the organisation for the year. This is specific to AIYA, but I would hopefully get more Indonesian learners to join and promote Indonesian studies and the bilateral relationship.

Campus Challenge

Define success for each team member

Have you ever had someone become frustrated with you? Yep. Me too.

Frustration comes from expectations. They expected you to behave one way, and you behaved differently.

This gap is where frustration is born in personal relationships amongst friends, family and couples as well as in work relationships amongst team members. One key to relationship happiness (work/personal) is not low expectations, but shared, agreed upon, expectations.

Write down what you define success as for each member of your team.

E.g. Secretary – Prepare/distribute/collate/report-on surveys for student engagement each semester;  Take minutes and distribute via email within 1 hour of meetings concluding; Reply to emails within 48 hours; Record attendance at every event and collate into a report each semester.

Be explicit. Include timings. Remember, this is just your perspective.

Then ask each member of your team how they’d define success. Explain that it’s important for you to know what they see their responsibilities being so you can both be on the same page. Compare your perspective and theirs then decide on what they should be working towards given their strengths, what they want to get out of the role and what the society needs them to perform in order to best serve the students.