#013 Ft. Afra Cader, PwC Management Consultant, Gender Equality Advocate & Former Student Treasurer ($450k)

Our next guest is Afra Cader. As a student, Afra was Treasurer for her Residential Hall – Queen’s College – at the University of Melbourne as well as the National Treasurer for NAAUC – the National Association of University Colleges, where combined she oversaw $450k in annual expenditure. Afra is now a Management Consultant for PwC & works in preventative mental health care for Game Changers & Flourish Girl. It is my absolute pleasure to welcome my friend, the very impressive Afra Cader, to The Campus Experience.

Top Quotes:

 “The journey that I’m on is figuring out what I really stand for & how I can bring my true self to wherever I go.”

“Now, I’m looking at how I can … make what I stand for a non-negotiable & in doing so empowering all the people around me to do the same & step into what they really care about to make that change. That’s a stand & that’s the leader I want to be.”

“My motto is regardless of how young you are, how much experience you have, what you’re doing, what your background is, where you grew up; you have the ability to influence change.”

“Stepping into the unknown & trying new things out … was the biggest thing that helped me find myself.”

“I had to be the best & what I’ve discovered over the past year that that traps me in such a big way… If I’m so fixated on being perfect, I’m not going to learn anything.” 

“Finance was where my skillset was & all these causes was where my passion was, & where I found a connection between the two was where I felt unstoppable & I find that it’s that intersection that when young people connect to, you’re able to do your best.” 

“I have had a lot of failures. I didn’t get into Melbourne Uni on my first go, I didn’t get into college on my first go, & that really shook me to the core & what that did was almost propel me to go in for the second time … when I got what I wanted in the end, I went in there with so much more drive to make a change & be a better version of myself.”

“What’s really important is to realise that there’s nothing wrong with being uncomfortable & part of learning is being uncomfortable.”

“Look at life as an experience & a way to have fun & enjoy it!”


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